"Thank you for the tremendous partnership and your support of our initiative to improve the effectiveness of how we coach our employees. This is my number one priority and I have been very pleased with the end result of the training curriculum. You and your team have been terrific to work with."

— Steve Heffron, SVP Operations Convergys

"Our compliance performance rate has
increased from 92% to 98.75% … and we’ve seen an 85% reduction in violations month over month as the result of our managers now actively managing employee performance."

Unleash Your Leadership Potential client


Unleash Your Leadership Potential is an award-winning leadership development program designed to provide leaders with the skills and confidence to build productive, meaningful relationships with employees, to lead effectively, and to develop talent and bench strength through deliberate performance management and coaching.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential combines fundamental leadership concepts with our prescriptive models and hands-on application to change behavior. Our prescriptive approach has proven to sustain change over time.


Three-day, two workshop program with interim and ongoing activities.
  • Workshop One Preparation: eLearning on performance management basics; 360° leadership survey; Everything DiSC management self-assessment.
  • Workshop One: Two-day, interactive instructor-led training focused on the performance management tools of coaching, feedback, and difficult conversations.
  • Interim Activities: Over a period of 60 days, participants will journal and apply their action plans with a focus on sharing their experiences in Workshop Two.
  • Workshop Two: Participants regroup after 60 days to present action plan successes and challenges with additional advanced leadership topics.
  • Ongoing Activities: Participants will receive specific activities they can use to continue their leadership growth for months and years to come.
  • Mobile App: Performance Management Checklist.


  • Identify your leadership and management strengths and development opportunities.
  • Build a solid leadership foundation by:
    • Examining your role as a leader and manager, and adopting those behaviors that will increase your overall effectiveness.
    • Being deliberate in your use of effective communication techniques to build a team environment of mutual trust, empowerment, and continuous improvement.
    • Cultivating employee relationships to leverage diverse talents, drive loyalty, and stimulate innovation.
  • Increase the performance and engagement of your team (and individuals) by:
    • Clarifying goals and linking goals to required performance.
    • Determining the performance gap and interventions to most effectively close the gap.
    • Providing feedback to redirect or reinforce behavior.
    • Coaching to engage and to take good performance to great performance.
    • Confidently having those difficult conversations to move unacceptable performance or behavior to an acceptable level.
    • Delegating effectively to leverage and/or develop talent (with optional eLearning).
    • Motivating your team through recognizing potential, growth, effort and results (with optional eLearning).
  • Create a plan to address your performance and development needs as well as those of your team.
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