"Thank you for the tremendous partnership and your support of our initiative to improve the effectiveness of how we coach our employees. This is my number one priority and I have been very pleased with the end result of the training curriculum. You and your team have been terrific to work with."

— Steve Heffron, SVP Operations Convergys

"Our compliance performance rate has
increased from 92% to 98.75% … and we’ve seen an 85% reduction in violations month over month as the result of our managers now actively managing employee performance."

UYLP client


Unleash Your Leadership Potential (UYLP) is an award-winning leadership development program designed to empower frontline and mid-level leaders to deliver on innovation, adapt to rapidly-changing business environments, and lead teams to increase productivity, accelerate growth, and achieve organizational goals through deliberate performance management and coaching.

UYLP is customizable and quickly scalable to equip leaders with the specific leadership skills they need to drive rapidly-evolving business strategy. The award-winning program combines critical fundamental leadership concepts with Entelechy’s prescriptive models and hands-on application to change behavior.

Since its launch in 2013, UYLP has positively impacted 50,000+ leaders and has won numerous industry awards including Brandon Hall Group’s Gold HCM Excellence Award and Chief Learning Officer’s Learning in Practice Award.

UYLP is now available in three unique offerings: Traditional, Virtual, and as a Social Learning Experience.


In order to thrive in this challenging environment, today’s leaders need to quickly embrace and execute new and innovative business strategies. Regardless of your organization's size, industry, geographic footprint, or budget, Entelechy has a leadership development program designed to suit your unique needs. Our expert team will work with you to determine the UYLP delivery format best for your organization. The end result will be a highly engaging leadership development journey that is sure to be different than anything your leaders have experienced before.

Review the following table to learn about the different features available with each offering:



  • Identify your leadership and management strengths and development opportunities.
  • Build a solid leadership foundation by:
    • Examining your role as a leader and manager, and adopting those behaviors that will increase your overall effectiveness.
    • Being deliberate in your use of effective communication techniques to build a team environment of mutual trust, empowerment, and continuous improvement.
    • Cultivating employee relationships to leverage diverse talents, drive loyalty, and stimulate innovation.
  • Increase the performance and engagement of your team (and individuals) by:
    • Clarifying goals and linking goals to required performance.
    • Determining the performance gap and interventions to most effectively close the gap.
    • Providing feedback to redirect or reinforce behavior.
    • Coaching to engage and to take good performance to great performance.
    • Confidently having those difficult conversations to move unacceptable performance or behavior to an acceptable level.
    • Delegating effectively to leverage and/or develop talent.
    • Motivating your team through recognizing potential, growth, effort and results.
  • Create a plan to address your performance and development needs as well as those of your team.
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