Over the years, we've developed several resources to help you determine — and maximize — the effectiveness of the leadership at your organization, either on the individual, department, or company level. Explore our tools below and then contact us to discuss your results and determine next steps.

Leadership Development ROI Calculator


Ineffective leadership and management can be a huge drain on your organization’s bottom line. Determine the current cost of less-than-effective leadership and management at your organization with our Leadership Development ROI Calculator.

Leadership Effectiveness Assessment For Organizations

Determine the effectiveness of your organization’s leadership by completing Entelechy’s Leadership Effectiveness Assessment in one of three ways. Each assessment can be conducted company-wide or department-wide, revealing actionable insights.

Leadership Effectiveness Assessment For Individuals

Discover how to better utilize your unique leadership strengths and identify opportunities for improvement with our Leadership Self-Assessment. Take the first step in becoming a more effective and authentic leader today. Your team will thank you!

Performance Checklist Mobile App


Entelechy's Performance Checklist mobile app helps supervisors and managers analyze — and improve — the performance of their employees by focusing on eight key elements required for employee success. This is a go-to resource for leaders at all levels.

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