Entelechy has created practical, powerful, impactful guides on topics that will drive change within your organization. Each PDF eGuide contains clear explanations that come from years of experience and hands-on application. You'll also find tips and techniques that have been tried and tested over the years. Click on each eGuide to learn more and download the PDF.


At the end of the day, training is about one thing and one thing only: increasing performance. If there isn’t a clear link between training and improving job performance, then training is AT BEST a waste of time and AT WORST harmful to the organization. This guide is designed to make you a better trainer by prescribing a regimen of business-based needs analysis, performance analysis, and gap analysis.

Entelechy_Leadership Effectiveness Assessment for Individuals

Training is about results. Determining results requires evaluation. Without evaluation in training, we don’t know if our training was successful. And, we certainly can't adjust future trainings to ensure maximum impact. This eGuide presents four levels of evaluation and outlines how each can be used to gather and use important information about your participants, your training materials/design, and your training delivery.


This eGuide outlines the five content types (facts, concepts, processes, procedures, and principles), based on a model developed by Dr. M. David Merrill at the University of Utah. We also explore the most effective and efficient ways to teach each content type. Ultimately, the model is equally effective for instructor-led training as it is for web-based or self-paced training, making it incredibly powerful when developing training programs.


Participants who are involved and engaged in training learn more, learn faster, remember more of what they learned, and are able to apply what they learned back on the job. Trainers who engage their participants more are more successful, and have more fun. Over the years, Entelechy has used a wide variety of icebreakers and energizers to capture the attention of participants and to motivate them to become engaged and to learn. Time and time again, we leverage the activities included in this eGuide because they are stimulating, fresh, and simple – they help us be GREAT trainers.


Great designers and developers are continually balancing two primary elements in their work: design/development time and instructional effectiveness. In this eGuide, we focus on reducing design/development time without sacrificing (or sacrificing only a little) instructional effectiveness.

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