Entelechy is an authorized Everything DiSC partner, capable of providing your organization with the entire DiSC family of proven, research-validated solutions. To date, more than seven million people in 70+ countries worldwide have used DiSC tools to inspire, energize, empower, and transform.

In the 25+ years that Entelechy has been in business, we've encountered many personality/social styles assessment tools and we are confident that Everything DiSC is the most comprehensive and effective solution available today. Above all, its simplicity makes it possible for your organization to experience an immediate return on investment.

We're excited to offer Everything DiSC to our clients because we know the power this insight brings to individuals, teams, divisions, and entire organizations — and we've seen how it makes existing training and development initiatives more impactful. Everything DiSC enables employees and leaders to work more effectively with each other, collaborating, innovating, and unlocking the potential in one another.

Why Everything DiSC?

Learn more about the benefits of selecting Everything DiSC for your organization's self-assessments and team profiles.

Everything DiSC Products

Review our comprehensive Everything DiSC suite of products to find out which one is best for your organization.

Leadership Development

Our proven leadership development programs leverage Everything DiSC to drive real change across your organization.

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