"The Leading Leaders participants came in as a group of slightly cynical managers. They left with a whole new view of leadership and realization of their power to make a difference with new tools they are confident using."

Leading Leaders client

"Just wanted to convey my personal thanks for imparting new insights into leadership. I have been to numerous programs, but this was one of the few which created a lasting impact. You guys are fabulous trainers and live every bit of what you speak which is perhaps why it made the program so impactful."

Leading Leaders participant


Leading Leaders is a program designed for today’s leaders who are poised to rise to the next echelon of leadership; taking leadership development to the next level. Leading Leaders equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to boldly lead their teams and achieve key performance goals. Leading Leaders challenges leaders to look beyond getting the work done and tasks them to be strong, influential, and engaging leaders. Participants leave the program with a solid understanding of who they are as a leader, how their business operates within the overall strategy of the organization, and how to effectively lead others.


Three-day classroom experience with two virtual sessions.
  • Virtual Session One: A 2.5-hour virtual session attended approximately two weeks prior to the three-day class. Virtual Session One is designed to prepare participants for the three-day class experience as well as provide direction for pre-training assignments.
  • Three-day Classroom Experience: This three-day workshop equips leaders with the three performance management tools of feedback, coaching and difficult conversations as they focus on knowing their business and the power of influence. Participants will define their leadership brand as they transition from being a manager of others to a manager of managers.
  • Virtual Session Two: A 2.5-hour virtual session attended approximately four weeks after the end of the three-day class. Includes exploration and application of the DRIVE change process and wrap-up of entire leadership journey with multiple activities and discussions.
  • Pre, Interim, and Post Activities: Participants will receive on-the-job assignments, which play a critical role in the leaders’ implementation of key leadership skills.


  • Recognize the requirements and adopt the behaviors associated with leadership transitions at your organization.
  • Identify your individual leadership strengths and opportunities, and apply them for continued development.
  • Gain insight into your behavioral style and learn to identify the preferred style of others to effectively coach, develop, communicate, and influence others.
  • Develop a leadership mindset to influence business growth and employee engagement.
  • Develop a strong understanding of — and ability to communicate — your business unit’s role in the success of the organization.
  • Clearly articulate your leader brand and how that brand impacts self, team, and organization.
  • Apply a model of influence to increase personal influence effectiveness.
  • Internalize the role of a leader to drive change, ultimately impacting team and organizational effectiveness.
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