"The Leading Leaders participants came in as a group of slightly cynical managers. They left with a whole new view of leadership and realization of their power to make a difference with new tools they are confident using."

Leading Leaders client

"Just wanted to convey my personal thanks for imparting new insights into leadership. I have been to numerous programs, but this was one of the few which created a lasting impact. You guys are fabulous trainers and live every bit of what you speak which is perhaps why it made the program so impactful."

Leading Leaders participant

"It was quite a real moment to draft my vision for the team and share it in the breakout room. Filled me with inspiration and hope."

Leading Leaders participant


Leading Leaders is a powerful leadership development program that equips senior leaders with the essential skills required to effectively guide and develop other leaders. As organizations navigate an ever-evolving landscape, the role of a leader has become increasingly complex. Leading other leaders demands a unique set of capabilities, centered around the ability to set a compelling vision, foster alignment among diverse perspectives, and drive the successful execution of that vision to achieve objectives. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to empower participants with the knowledge, insights, and practical tools needed to excel in this critical role and make a lasting impact on their teams and the broader organization.

Leading Leaders has received many industry awards, including Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Excellence Awards and Chief Learning Officer’s Learning in Practice Awards.

Leading Leaders includes a unique and powerful blend of:

  • Self-study and reflection, including the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders assessment.
  • Blended learning activities.
  • Hands-on application activities and skills practice.
  • Real-world action planning.


Leading Leaders features thoughtfully curated content and powerful learning activities designed to equip senior leaders with the skills and confidence to engage, inspire, and transform their organizations.



Leading Leaders is available in three delivery formats: Classroom, Virtual, and as a Social Learning Experience. Our expert team can work with you to determine the delivery format best for your organization. The end result will be a highly engaging and impactful learning experience for your senior leaders.

Entelechy leverages the Adobe Connect platform for engaging virtual instructor-led training sessions and the NovoEd platform for social collaborative learning experiences. Entelechy also has the capability to build a customized experience on other platforms, if needed.


A great training program becomes truly great with ongoing reinforcement. Our key differentiator has always been to include key retention and application features that ensure that the training sticks:

  • Ownership of the program: No ongoing license fees! We encourage you to leverage the concepts and skills throughout your organization.
  • Manager Guide: Companion piece for participant’s leader to help them reinforce and guide the learning.
  • Optional Executive Track: Sessions for the C-Suite to introduce the key concepts and tools.
  • Leadership skills that are simple and prescriptive: We don’t do theoretical or vague. Our content is simple and effective, and puts words and examples around what are often theoretical discussions.
  • Leadership Minute: A bi-weekly email series with practical and actionable leadership tips, techniques, and inspiration to encourage on-the-job application of key lessons and concepts.
  • Additional customization options: Take our award-winning programs to the next level with additional customization, including your language, your leadership competencies, your branding, and the option to own the program outright. Our powerful eLearnings, leadership assessments, and coaching sessions can reinforce key learnings from the program and create a deeper learning experience for participants.
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