Leadership Development ROI Calculator

Ineffective leadership and management can be a huge drain on your organization’s bottom line. Determine the current cost of less-than-effective leadership and management at your organization by filling in the boxes (numeric characters only) and clicking the Calculate ROI button.


Cost of Losing High-Performing Employees

How many high-performing employees left the organization in the last 12 months?
What is the average annual salary of those high-performing employees?
Annual direct cost of replacing high-performing employees (hiring and upskilling):
Annual indirect cost of losing high-performing employees:

Cost of Low Performance

How many employees work in your organization?
Effective managers get more from their people than others. How much more performance (productivity, efficiency, sales, customer satisfaction/retention, quality, etc.) could YOUR managers get from employees if they had the necessary leadership skills? 1%? 5%? 10%? (Enter 1-100)
What is the average salary of employees?
Annual cost of less-than-productive employees due to management and leadership:
TOTAL ANNUAL COST of less-than-effective leadership and management:


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