We’ve created engaging, innovative, and interactive training programs for hundreds of organizations over the 30 years we’ve been in existence and, frankly, creating a program isn’t that hard. Creating a program that is effective IS difficult. Often the very thing that makes it effective is its simplicity.

Simple models, simple instruction, simple application. Unbelievable results. Amazing changes.

We believe that the basics are crucial and that to be an effective leader you must first be an effective manager. Entelechy has successfully cleared the weeds and the clutter to reveal simple — yet, highly effective — models that transform leaders.

Along the way, we expertly leverage cutting-edge learning technologies and platforms to help the concepts come to life and resonate with your leaders.


While many programs take great pains to DESCRIBE how managers should behave, Entelechy’s programs and models PRESCRIBE what managers should say and do to bring about the desired change. That’s a critical difference that not only changes behavior, but sustains that change over time.

This PRESCRIPTIVE approach is based on a philosophy: to change your attitude, you must change your behavior. We believe — and our experience confirms — that behavior + results = attitude change. Change in attitude is the engine that drives and sustains lasting change.

Our instructionally sound trainings can be customized to fit your unique scenario quickly and efficiently, if needed.


We firmly believe that everyone within your organization should have access to best-in-class training. That's why we work with you to make the training your own, embedding core program learnings into your culture in meaningful — and lasting — ways. All without additional charges or licensing fees.

Where desired, Entelechy can also customized our proven training programs to reflect your organization's unique culture, language, and processes. If needed, we can also develop completely original training programs to address your specific challenges.

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