Entelechy's Foundations of Leadership eLearning library features stand-alone on-demand eLearnings that cover critical leadership skills, including coaching, delegation, and motivating others. Each Foundations of Leadership eLearning includes instruction and practice, and can be accessed any time from any device, allowing leaders to focus on specific skills as needed throughout their leadership journey.

The Foundations of Leadership eLearnings offer a powerful and robust alternative to traditional leadership development programs, or can be used to enhance broader initiatives. The end result is widespread adoption of key leadership skills and permanent behavior change.



Coaching with Impact is a complete stand-alone training option for leaders looking to better engage and develop their team. When used throughout an organization, Entelechy's award-winning Coaching Conversation Model can help create a widespread culture of coaching and growth.

Coaching with Impact is a comprehensive two-part eLearning series with instruction, video demonstrations, and application. In Part One, learners discover what coaching is — and isn't — and explore the heart of Entelechy's proven Coaching Conversation Model. In Part Two, learners explore more advanced coaching techniques and apply what they've learned with their own employees.

Duration: 3-4 hours


Delegating Effectively provides leaders with a new view on delegating — and all of the skills to master the art of delegation. Too many leaders view delegation as a way to lessen their own workload, period. Effective leaders know how to use delegation to develop the competence and confidence of their employees. In Delegating Effectively, learners will discover how to use delegation to develop their team by utilizing Entelechy’s Levels of Delegation Model.

Duration: 30-45 minutes


Motivating Performance illustrates the direct correlation between motivation and recognition, and high performance. This eLearning will introduce a fresh approach to motivate employees and ignite their inner drive. During this session, learners will discover techniques to recognize and motivate ALL employees based on their tangible and intangible contributions, their growth, their effort, and even their potential. Above all, Motivating Performance will help leaders build a culture of recognition where trust and growth flourish.

Duration: 30-45 minutes


The Foundations of Leadership eLearnings can stand alone or can be embedded into existing leadership development programs as enhancement tools. Currently, Entelechy is offering these eLearnings to qualified organizations via site license; the entire Foundations of Leadership eLearning library can be disseminated to employees via an organization's LMS.

Entelechy's eLearning experts are available to discuss your specific needs. Please contact us using the button below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.


"What I really liked about Entelechy is that they addressed the gap that we had in terms of skills, but they did it in a very pragmatic way. The fact that the program was practical has helped adoption and use within the leadership team. Sometimes people will go to a theoretical leadership conference and have no idea how to apply it to the real world. What was great about Unleash Your Leadership Potential is that it is very applicable to what our leaders did every day. In fact, it was so successful in Customer Care, we used it as the basis for a leadership program throughout the entire company."

Unleash Your Leadership Potential client

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