We've been developing leaders for more than 25 years. In that time, we've carefully perfected two flagship leadership development programs designed to transform the leaders at your organization as they progress through their careers.


Designed for frontline to mid-level managers, Unleash Your Leadership Potential is an award-winning leadership development program that empowers leaders to deliver on innovation, adapt to rapidly-changing business environments, and lead teams to increase productivity, accelerate growth, and achieve organizational goals through deliberate performance management and coaching.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential can be delivered via face-to-face workshops, virtual training, or as a social learning experience.


Leading Leaders is designed for today’s leaders who are poised to rise to the next echelon of leadership; taking leadership development to the next level. Participants leave the program with a solid understanding of who they are as a leader, how their business operates within the overall strategy of the organization, and how to effectively inspire, develop, and lead others.




A great training program would be nothing without reinforcement. Entelechy has created many tools to assist our clients in the retention of the skills back on the job. Our key differentiator has always been to include key retention and application features that ensure that the training sticks:

  • Ownership of the program: We encourage you to leverage the models and skills throughout your organization's existing processes or tools, including performance improvement plans, performance appraisal systems, and coaching processes.
  • Management reinforcement: Our Executive Reinforcement track provides executives with first-hand knowledge of the program to support the skill retention of their teams on the job.
  • Models that are simple and prescriptive: We don't do theoretical or vague. The models “stick” because they are simple and effective and put words and examples around what are often theoretical discussions (coaching, difficult conversations, feedback, influence).
  • Performance Checklist mobile app: Available for iOS and Android, participants can turn to the mobile app for managing ongoing team performance. Performance Checklist received the Award of Excellence from the International Society of Performance Improvement.
  • Leadership Minute: A bi-weekly email series with practical and actionable leadership tips, techniques and inspiration to encourage on-the-job application of key lessons and concepts.
  • Prework assignments for all sessions: Virtual and classroom learning that links the program's core lessons to implementation on-the-job through detailed assignments.
  • Critical leadership skills eLearnings: Our comprehensive on-demand eLearning library enhances and reinforces foundational leadership skills, including coaching, feedback, delegation, and motivation.
  • Optional customization: Take our award-winning programs to the next level with additional customization, reflecting your language, your leadership competencies, and your look and feel.


“It’s actually been really impressive to see how easy it was for people to take hold of Unleash Your Leadership Potential and how hungry people were for content this good. A company this big, being in existence as long as it has been, we’ve tried a lot of different things over the years, and nothing has had the impact that UYLP has had.”

Unleash Your Leadership Potential client

Just wanted to convey my personal thanks for imparting new insights into leadership. I have been to numerous programs, but this was one of the few which created a lasting impact. You guys are fabulous trainers and live every bit of what you speak which is perhaps why it made the program so impactful.”

Leading Leaders participant

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