Despite billions spent on leadership development, the investment doesn’t seem to be having lasting impact on the workforce. This may be due to the lack of traction these programs typically have when it comes to lasting behavior change. This white paper provides 23 lessons that will help increase the likelihood that the skills learned in a leadership development program will “stick” and be used on the job.

Celebrating a Coaching Culture at CA Technologies

Why is it that leaders who need development the most are the ones who balk the most? More importantly, what can we do as learning and development professionals to confront these excuses? In this somewhat irreverent examination of the excuses from leaders, we provide practical advice for those responsible for developing those leaders — advice that can help mitigate or eliminate the excuses and replace excuse with commitment.

Three Performance Conversations

Entelechy CEO Terry Traut draws from interviews, research, and extensive
experience to identify the most important management skill. The paper outlines the merits of seven common management skills and ranks them to arrive at THE most important skill.

While virtually everyone would agree that coaching is a powerful way to build talent and engage employees in a customer experience environment, there is a surprisingly large variance in the definition of coaching and its intended use. In this article we provide a definition, outline a model for an effective coaching conversation, and highlight the importance of self-assessment in coaching.

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