"What I really liked about Entelechy is that they addressed the gap that we had in terms of skills, but they did it in a very pragmatic way. The fact that the program was practical has helped adoption and use within the leadership team. Sometimes people will go to a theoretical leadership conference and have no idea how to apply it to the real world. What was great about Unleash Your Leadership Potential is that it is very applicable to what our leaders did every day. In fact, it was so successful in Customer Care, we used it as the basis for a leadership program throughout the entire company."

— Entelechy client


Customer service professionals are your primary interface to the customer and have the ability to make your company a winner — or a company that finishes behind the winner. Entelechy's Customer Experience training is a comprehensive modular program is designed to increase the long-term performance of your customer service professionals.
Additionally, Entelechy's Customer Experience training adds a critical layer of management reinforcement by educating your leaders on the importance of customer excellence, with practical tips on how to infuse customer experience at every level of the organization.


Multiple module program (4 hours each) that includes:
  • Impacting the Customer Experience: Examine customer perceptions of quality, image, and price and the way they impact the customer experience.
  • Focusing on the Customer: Address your mindset to ensure that customers feel that they are cared for and their needs are met.
  • DiSC: Learn about four different personality styles, how to recognize each style, and how to communicate with customers flexing to THEIR style.
  • Enhance Customer Courtesy Skills: Learn the basics of call flow and communication skills.
  • Communicating Effectively: Apply a strong set of communication skills — presence, listening, questioning, relating, and checkbacks.
  • Handling Challenging Situations: Balance company policies and procedures while resolving customer issues and providing a positive customer experience.
  • Balancing Business and Customer Needs: Evaluate the impact of internal employee relationships and individual decision-making on the customer experience.
  • Providing Products to the Customer: Develop and deliver Initial Value Statements that pique the customer’s interest.
  • Recognizing Value: Increase your comfort level when positioning products by improving your ability to recognize the value of your company's products.
  • You REALLY Are the One at Your Company: Gain confidence and tools to handle the initial challenges you will face on the job.


  • Treat each customer interaction as an opportunity to help the customer.
  • Target the customer’s spoken and unspoken needs.
  • Position your company’s products and services as they relate to the customer’s needs.
  • Form a business relationship with every caller, no matter their style or disposition.
  • Handle challenging customers and situations.
  • Balance customer needs with company practices.
  • Ensure that every call results in furthering a positive image of your company.
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