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"As RingCentral continues to scale, we needed a unified leadership culture. Unleash Your Leadership Potential provides leaders with a common leadership approach that distinctly reflects our vision for the organization.

The thoughtful program design and masterful selection of topics included have helped our leaders elevate their confidence in leading their own teams especially at a time of great uncertainty, as evidenced by the program’s phenomenal NPS."

— Karl Benson Molina, Senior Manager, RingCentral Talent Development

"I got promoted! The training worked! And one of the first things I did was to ask my direct reports to take the DiSC assessment. It was a powerful tool I learned in Unleash Your Leadership Potential and I know this is going to help me lead my people better."

Unleash Your Leadership Potential participant


RingCentral is a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, collaboration, and contact center solutions. Since 2015, the company had been experiencing rapid growth and success but was also facing low employee engagement and retention. With a geographically diverse, rapidly growing, and highly innovative workforce, RingCentral needed a standardized and unified approach to developing, coaching, and supporting leaders to continue to lead the competitive Unified Communications as a Service industry.


RingCentral Talent Development was looking for a long-term leadership experience that would truly change behavior and drive lasting impact. It was critical that the initiative be a step forward in creating a learning culture rooted in opportunities for education, experience, exposure, and the business environment, with particular attention given to performance outcomes.

Above all, given the company’s growth, the executive team at RingCentral realized the need to create a standard way of developing leaders within the organization and subsequently equipping those leaders with the skills and resources needed to effectively and consistently manage and motivate their teams. Other organizational objectives the program needed to address were as follows:

  • Create a stronger leadership bench through targeted leadership development programs.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) and improve customer experience.
  • Cultivate a more diverse and inclusive organization.

It was also important that the program adhere to RingCentral’s Talent Development Guiding Principles, as outlined below. The new program must:

  • Improve communications and drive collaboration cross-functionally.
  • Create a growth environment through learning and innovation.
  • Build and broaden human capital, including the learning and growth function.
  • Focus relentlessly on the employee experience.
  • Develop scalable solutions in support of a global workforce.


RingCentral partnered with Entelechy to implement Unleash Your Leadership Potential — first as a six-month blended learning program with in-person workshops and then as a nine-week all-virtual learning experience when the global health crisis emerged in the spring of 2020. Highlights of the program include:

  • Powerful blend of hands-on experiential learning, discussions, personalized leadership assessments, and self-guided learning.
  • Reached 1,000+ leaders in 15 global locations.
  • Real-world scenarios and skill practice sessions build competence and confidence.
  • Creative and engaging activities stimulate discussion and spark personal growth.
  • Action planning to set goals and plan on-the-job application of skills and techniques learned.


The program is an incredible success and has been instrumental in the organization’s ability to attract, engage, and retain top talent around the world, allowing the organization to continue its high-growth trajectory. Key success metrics include:

  • Best-in-class Net Promoter Scores of 77 and 70 for the in-person and virtual programs, respectively.
  • Unleash Your Leadership Potential participants are more engaged with the organization, achieve promotions at a faster rate, and are rated more favorably in their ability to demonstrate key leadership skills than their peers.
  • 100% response rate to customer inquiries and a 9/10 customer satisfaction score, according to Mediallia.
  • The program was awarded Brandon Hall Group's Gold HCM Excellence Award for Best Advance in Leadership Development, a Bronze HCM Excellence Award for Best Development Program for Frontline Leaders, and a silver Learning in Practice Award from Chief Learning Officer in the Excellence in Partnership category.
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