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"Entelechy’s high level of commitment ensured a quality design and delivery of the Developing Emerging Leaders program. You continually demonstrated flexibility and a strong desire to have the best program possible. As our needs changed and evolved, you changed and adapted with us.

We continue to hear rave reviews regarding the new program. There is no way that our program would be achieving these results without your input, expertise and leadership."

— Thermo Fisher Scientific client

"The Developing Emerging Leaders participants came in as a group of slightly cynical managers. They left with a whole new view of leadership and realization of their power to make a difference with new tools they are confident using."

— Thermo Fisher Scientific client


Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science with a commitment to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer through innovative products and technologies. Thermo Fisher Scientific helps customers address some of society's most pressing challenges, including treatment of disease, access to clean water, and ensuring the safety of their communities.

With approximately 70,000 employees in 50 countries — including approximately 7,400 leaders at a variety of levels — the leadership team at Thermo Fisher Scientific has huge responsibilities. The work of Thermo Fisher Scientific is far-reaching and consequential, requiring a team of leaders who can lead dynamic teams with integrity, innovation, and passion.


Thermo Fisher Scientific was looking for a partner to design a leadership program for their managers of today — the leaders who are poised to become the directors of tomorrow.

More than half of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s workforce operates outside the United States, and more than half of employees are millennials, so it was critical that the program be relevant and accessible to the target audience.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Entelechy successfully partnered in the past on the design and development of another core leadership program for developing front-line leaders, Developing Frontline Leaders. Because of the success of that leadership program — and the valued partnership that was established — Entelechy was chosen to create Developing Emerging Leaders.

Two critical program objectives were 1) it must have lasting results and 2) there must be proven business impacts. Above  all,  the  organization  needed  a  consistent  way  of  developing  high-potential employees   for   senior   leadership   roles — a   business-critical   imperative   given   the organization’s rapid and global growth.


Thermo Fisher Scientific required a leadership program to equip their emerging managers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to lead their teams and achieve key performance goals.

Entelechy recognized that leaders at the director level can no longer focus solely on getting the work done. Successful high-level leaders recognize who they are as a leader, how their business unit operates within the overall strategy of the organization, and how to effectively lead others.

Entelechy designed and developed a comprehensive program that included virtual instructor-led training, instructor-led classroom training, self-paced learning, performance-based application plans, networking opportunities, and the development of personal leader brands.

To ensure the outlined objectives were met, Entelechy led this initiative from two fronts:

  1. Designed a customized and highly-effective leadership program providing leaders with thought-provoking content, engaging application-based activities, and a robust blended learning approach that is the benchmark for the next echelon in management and leadership development.
  2. Provided a world-class assemblage of Expert Leadership Facilitators to deliver the program. Expert Leadership Facilitators whose combined 140+ years of leadership training experience guaranteed the participant’s experience was engaging, applicable, and impactful.


Developing Emerging Leaders generated the following results:

  • 39  global  training  sessions  to  800+ high-potential  leaders in nine different countries: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, and Australia.
  • 99% of participants agreed that they would be able to immediately apply the skills and knowledge learned in the program to their jobs.
  • 98% of participants said they would recommend this training to others within Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • 97% of participants agreed the training was a valuable use of their time.
  • The program content and classroom discussion allowed for peers to review, challenge ideas, and generate innovation.
  • The program received a Gold HCM Excellence Award from the Brandon Hall Group for Best Advance in Senior Manager Development and a Silver Learning in Practice Award from Chief Learning Officer for Excellence in Blended Learning.

Additionally, the Global Talent Development team polled managers of program participants before and after the course to assess how the program impacted the employees' performance on a variety of leadership skills and attributes. The findings are detailed below:

  • 130% increase in participants’ effectiveness to influence and build strong relationships across the business.
  • 100% increase in participants’ ability to assess their own leadership strengths and opportunity areas.
  • 93% increase in participants’ capability to leverage knowledge of the business to improve performance.
  • 93% increase in participants’ capacity to build authentic and consistent leader brands.
  • 87% increase in participants’ effectiveness at flexing their leadership style post-program.
  • Finally, 72% of participating managers agreed or strongly agreed that attending Developing Emerging Leaders improved their direct report’s overall performance as a leader.
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