"It’s actually been really impressive to see how easy it was for people to take hold of Unleash Your Leadership Potential and how hungry people were for content this good. A company this big, being in existence as long as it has been, we’ve tried a lot of different things over the years, and nothing has had the impact that Unleash Your Leadership Potential has had."

UYLP client

"I have received feedback in a variety of different ways from participants and from leadership. I know that our organization has continued to see dramatic improvements in employee engagement and employee satisfaction [and] the Unleash Your Leadership Potential program and the advanced program for directors and above have significantly contributed to these results."

UYLP client


Effective leaders inspire more productive, more engaged employees, which, in turn, create a better experience for your customers, partners, end-users, and key stakeholders. Unleash Your Leadership Potential (UYLP) creates effective leaders.

UYLP is Entelechy's flagship leadership development program specifically targeted at frontline and mid-level managers. The blended learning experience consists of self-paced learning, eLearnings, face-to-face classroom sessions, Entelechy's 360º Feedback Assessment, and an Everything DiSC® assessment. UYLP is fully customizable to equip your leaders with the specific leadership skills they need to drive your evolving business strategy.

Since its launch in 2013, UYLP has positively impacted 50,000+ leaders and has won numerous industry awards including Brandon Hall Group’s Gold HCM Excellence Award and Chief Learning Officer’s Learning in Practice Award.


UYLP spans two to four months and features two face-to-face workshops with engaging activities, eLearnings, and informative leadership assessments. The award-winning program combines critical fundamental leadership concepts with Entelechy’s prescriptive models and hands-on application to change behavior.



All UYLP programs feature Entelechy’s proven reinforcement tools, including:

UYLP can be facilitated by Entelechy’s industry-leading Expert Leadership Facilitators, who are proficient in maximizing learning and driving participant engagement in any learning environment; optionally, Entelechy can train your organization’s internal trainers to facilitate or co-facilitate the program.

Finally, UYLP is customized to reflect your organization’s specific leadership competencies, language, and branding.


As the world navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, all face-to-face deliveries of UYLP are on hold until further notice. UYLP is also available as a completely virtual program in UYLP-Virtual or as a social learning experience in UYLP-SLX. And, as always, our expert team is always available to discuss future deliveries and answer any questions.

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