Entelechy’s Everything DiSC Workplace-Virtual workshop is uniquely designed to help every person in the organization — regardless of title — build more effective relationships at work. Whether it’s with colleagues, managers, stakeholders, or others, relationships are at the core of all interactions required in the workplace. Everything DiSC Workplace-Virtual helps everyone build more productive and effective relationships at work, which helps organizations increase productivity and achieve desired results.

Entelechy’s Everything DiSC Workplace-Virtual half-day workshop teaches participants to understand themselves and others while learning to appreciate different priorities, preferences, and values everyone brings to the workplace. Participants leave with the human skills that help people work better together — no matter where they are.

Key workshop details include:

  • Learning time: 3 hours
  • Cohort size: Up to 20 participants
  • Platform: Adobe Connect


Each workshop participant will receive an Everything DiSC Workplace Profile, which offers insights to inspire effective collaboration. Participants will explore the priorities that drive their behavior, learn what comes naturally, identify challenges in interacting with others of different styles, and discover how to flex their styles to work most effectively with others.

Using the latest adaptive testing methodology, the research validated Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment results in the most precise feedback possible in a personalized profile. Each participant’s unique 20-page Everything DiSC Workplace Profile includes personalized insights, actionable strategies, and introduces strategies for increasing effectiveness when working with other styles.



Entelechy’s Everything DiSC Workplace-Virtual workshop focuses on two components: connecting with yourself and connecting with others.

The Connection to Me

Participants reflect on the connection between satisfaction at work and relationships in the workplace. Participants explore how strong relationships positively impact their experience in the workplace. This section also outlines all four DiSC styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness before participants dive deep into their Everything DiSC Workplace Profile.

Engaging videos demonstrate how styles — and the impact of style differences — show up in the workplace. Participants observe behaviors, stressors, and reactions to conflict for each style and then connect them to their own style.

Using personal reflection questions and the strengths and opportunities revealed in their profile, participants work in small groups to leverage peers in the workshop to develop relationship-building strategies. Participants do a Start, Stop, Continue action plan activity to document how they might flex their style to work more effectively with others.

The Connection to Others

Participants move into the second workshop component with a focus on how to use their understanding of styles to build relationships and work more effectively with others. Notably, participants learn how to read the styles of others and then how to flex their style to work more effectively with that person.

Participants look at the implications of group culture on styles and discuss how to leverage the power of the group’s collective strengths. Next, using video demonstrations to spark inspiration, participants consider their experience working with different styles and share successful strategies and tips with their workshop peers. Participants apply what they’ve learned to their own workplace as they create an action plan and take part in a small group breakout activity to receive peer feedback and insight.


At the foundation of Entelechy’s innovative workshop is a commitment to partnership, engagement, and lasting impact on the learner and the broader organization.

  • Administrative support: Entelechy handles all administrative tasks associated with the virtual workshop, including ongoing support, individual account set-up, and assessment and profile distribution.
  • Virtual training engagement: Entelechy’s Everything DiSC virtual workshops contain powerful exercises and learning opportunities to help participants work more effectively, collaboratively, and innovatively with peers, their management, and others. Each workshop features polling, multiple chat pod activities, and small group work to engage the learner and challenge them to embrace a growth mindset.
  • Expert facilitation: Entelechy’s Expert Leadership Facilitators are well-versed on the nuances of each Everything DiSC virtual workshop offering and are skilled at making the content come to life on the Adobe Connect platform.
  • Action planning: Core to all of Entelechy’s workshops is action planning, accountability, and reinforcement to help participants immediately begin to apply new skills and behaviors back on the job.
  • Unified learning experience: All of Entelechy’s Everything DiSC virtual workshops can be delivered as stand-alone classes or customized and embedded into existing leadership development programs.


Entelechy's Everything DiSC team is available to discuss your specific virtual workshop needs. Please contact us using the button below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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