Former CEO of General Electric and Former Editor of The Harvard Business Review
Authors of the best-seller, Winning

Jack Welch – former CEO of General Electric (GE) – is known as much for his tremendous leadership skills as he is for his candor and his pragmatic advice. In his latest book, Winning, Mr. Welch’s advice abounds in an easy-to-read style thanks to the editorial skills of his wife, Suzy, former editor of The Harvard Business Review.

From hiring to firing, from strategy to execution, Welch dispenses leadership and management advice that is built on years of experience and success. Suzy Welch adds her own unique perspectives based on her experiences as former editor of The Harvard Business Review. Together, they have spoken to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world in groups large and small. Their influence on the world of business has been profound.

The materials that you created to support our presentation significantly contributed to its success. The training guides and activities helped translate key messages into action for participants, and learning-into-action is an organization’s ultimate competitive advantage.

Jack and Suzy Welch