Leadership Development



"Thank you very much! I appreciate your diligent support of me during this process. Thank you for providing great customer care. This level of support is awesome!"

— Leadership Development Trainer, Comcast


Entelechy believes feedback assessments play a vital role in leadership development — not only providing insights and feedback directly to the leaders, but also setting expectations that “this is the way we lead here.”

Entelechy has helped numerous clients:

  • Incorporate feedback assessments within Entelechy’s award-winning leadership programs.
  • Customize new assessments to complement client-owned programs.
  • Build unique training programs with assessments incorporated to focus learning and behavior change.
  • Provide confidential results directly to participants or to in-house trainers to share with participants in class.
  • Host and administer assessments, providing full service as needed.


Your Leaders Get:

  • A detailed assessment of their leadership skills from their employees, peers, and manager, opening up the opportunity for discussion, coaching, and development.
  • A list of priority areas they need to focus on for ongoing leadership development.
  • Clear expectations of “this is the way we lead here,” which is especially important for new-to-role and new-to-company leaders.
  • A snapshot of how they’re doing compared to 1) previous assessments, 2) other leaders in their function, 3) other leaders in their cohort, and/or 4) other leaders at their level in the organization.

Your Organization Gets:

  • A common set of leadership competencies that are clear, concise, and adoptable.
  • A measure of overall leadership strengths and areas for development, focusing training and talent development efforts.
  • A tool to augment organization health assessments by focusing on the thing that drives engagement and productivity: the leader.

Your L&D Team Gets:

  • Full support from competency definition, assessment creation, and testing to deployment.
  • Flexibility in deployment methods and customization options.
  • Responsive and timely communication support from a highly skilled assessment administration team.


Comcast, frustrated with the inability to customize a feedback assessment provided by a recognized vendor, turned to Entelechy to customize an assessment based on Comcast’s leadership competencies. The 180° assessment is the cornerstone for a large-scale innovative leadership program rolling out to 2,000+ participants.


Thank you for all your communication. It has helped me manage this process for the participants. I am also hoping that this attention on early programs will help to build the organizational understanding of how to participate and require less management on the facilitator’s part going forward. Thank you for all your support with the constant changes and last-minute adjustments.

— Senior Leadership Development Facilitator, Comcast


In 2016, when MIT Sloan rolled out a vendor-created coaching program to their staff, they (and their vendor partner) asked Entelechy to create a 360° feedback assessment that focused on the unique coaching skills covered in the training. Entelechy continues to deploy the assessment to MIT Sloan to this day.


Thank for your responsiveness and for communicating directly with our participants. We appreciate your great customer focus.

Thanks very much for all of your work across time zones and with such quick turn-arounds.

— Mary Cornacchio, Program Director, MIT Sloan School of Management

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