PRESS RELEASE — May 18, 2020

Today, Entelechy announces that Unleash Your Leadership Potential (UYLP), the customizable client-owned leadership development program used by the world’s leading organizations, is now available as a virtual learning experience for frontline and mid-level managers. Ideal for today’s increasingly flexible world, UYLP-Virtual consists of self-paced learning, eLearnings, virtual instructor-led trainings (vILTs), Entelechy’s 360° Leadership Survey, and an Everything DiSC® assessment. UYLP-Virtual is customizable and quickly scalable to equip leaders with the specific leadership skills they need to drive business strategy.

UYLP empowers leaders to deliver on innovation, adapt to rapidly-changing business environments, and lead teams to increase productivity, accelerate growth, and achieve organizational goals through deliberate performance management and coaching. The program combines critical fundamental leadership concepts with Entelechy’s prescriptive models and hands-on application to change behavior. Entelechy’s unique one-time authorization license allows clients to use the models and training throughout their organization without ongoing fees. Since its launch in 2013, UYLP has positively impacted 50,000+ leaders and has won numerous industry awards including Brandon Hall Group’s Gold HCM Excellence Award and Chief Learning Officer’s Learning in Practice Award.

“Since employing UYLP, we have experienced greater consistency with the models leaders use in the development of their employees,” said Maureen Funkhouser, Manager, Professional & Organizational Development at Salt River Project. “Our leaders have also realized the unexpected benefit of creating a new network across silos to lift and support each other in their leadership challenges. We are finding these new relationships are not confined to leadership discussions. The new networks are providing a bridge in communication across the entire company. With today’s announcement, all leaders — regardless of location — can benefit from the consistency and collaboration we’ve experienced first-hand.”

UYLP-Virtual brings Entelechy’s flagship leadership development program to an entirely virtual learning experience that spans two to four months. Leaders begin with engaging self-paced learning activities, including Entelechy’s robust 360° Leadership Survey and an Everything DiSC® assessment. Leaders then participate in two interactive vILTs on coaching, feedback, and difficult conversations. Participants apply what they learned over a 45-60-day interim period, journaling their efforts. Finally, participants regroup in a third vILT to present action plan successes and challenges. Leveraging Adobe Connect, the vILTs are instructionally designed to help participants build the competence and confidence normally only experienced during in-person workshops.

“Right now, organizations are at an inflection point. To thrive in this challenging environment, today’s leaders need to quickly embrace and execute innovative business strategies,” said Entelechy CEO Terence Traut. “UYLP-Virtual brings considerable value to organizations at a critical time with a customizable, scalable, and proven approach to leadership development.”

In addition to UYLP-Virtual, the program is also available as UYLP-SLX, a collaborative and engaging social learning experience. All UYLP programs feature Entelechy’s proven eLearnings and reinforcement tools, including the Performance Checklist mobile app and Entelechy’s Leadership Minute email series. An executive reinforcement track teaches key concepts, models, and skills to senior leaders, ensuring a cohesive leadership approach. UYLP-Virtual can be facilitated by Entelechy’s industry-leading Expert Leadership Facilitators, who are proficient in maximizing learning and driving participant engagement in virtual classrooms; optionally, Entelechy can train an organization’s internal trainers to facilitate or co-facilitate the program.

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