Today, Entelechy announces the availability of its Foundations of Leadership eLearning library, featuring three individual on-demand eLearnings that cover critical leadership skills, including coaching, delegation, and motivation. The Foundations of Leadership eLearnings enable organizations everywhere to access Entelechy's proven award-winning models in quick, bite-sized, on-demand eLearnings, ensuring widespread adoption of key leadership skills and driving permanent behavior change.

Entelechy's new Foundations of Leadership eLearning library contains engaging, powerful, and effective stand-alone eLearnings on three of the most important skills needed to succeed in today's dynamic workplace:

  • Coaching with Impact: Create a culture of growth while developing and engaging employees.
  • Delegating Effectively: Leverage delegation to not only get more done, but to develop and empower employees.
  • Motivating Performance: Increase engagement and loyalty through powerful recognition and motivation tools and techniques.

Each Foundations of Leadership eLearning includes instruction and practice, and can be accessed any time from any device, allowing leaders to focus on specific skills as needed throughout their leadership journey. The eLearnings can stand alone or can be embedded into existing leadership development programs as skill enhancement tools. Currently, Entelechy is offering these eLearnings to qualified organizations via site license; the entire Foundations of Leadership eLearning library can be disseminated to employees via an organization's LMS.

"In our decades of experience, we've found that leaders can ultimately be very successful if they can master the three foundational leadership skills of coaching, motivating employees, and delegating effectively," said Terence Traut, CEO, Entelechy. "Today's announcement brings our powerful, easy-to-use models to leaders everywhere via a convenient, on-demand eLearning library. Leaders benefit when they can practice the core leadership skills they need most on their own terms."

To learn more about Entelechy's Foundations of Leadership eLearning library, please visit:

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