PRESS RELEASE — March 31, 2022

Entelechy, the private-label leadership development and customer experience training partner for global organizations, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. In 1992, Entelechy was founded with the guiding principle of making the world a better place; one leader at a time. Over the past 30 years, Entelechy has been fulfilling that mission through its flagship leadership development programs, Unleash Your Leadership Potential and Leading Leaders, which equip leaders to excel as they progress throughout their careers.

As the organization marks this key milestone, Entelechy is announcing strategic personnel appointments to usher in the next phase of leadership development excellence. Entelechy recently hired Maureen Funkhouser as Vice President of Operations, responsible for business development, client relations, partnership oversight, and corporate strategy. A long-standing Entelechy client, Funkhouser joins the organization with more than 25 years of learning, talent development, and instructional design experience.

“I have had the honor of partnering with Entelechy at several different organizations where I witnessed first-hand the power of the company’s leadership development programs,” said Funkhouser. “As Entelechy celebrates this critical milestone, I am confident the organization’s high-quality content and relentless focus on driving bottom-line business results will usher in another 30 years of success.”

Additionally, Entelechy recently hired Cathi Cass, M. Ed. as a Performance Consultant and Instructional Designer with more than 20 years of design and development experience. Entelechy is also announcing the internal promotion of Connie Shimek to Senior Director of Innovative Learning where she will expand the organization’s blended and social learning offerings on a global scale. The company has also recently made key additions to its virtual learning facilitation and production teams.

“30 years ago, I founded Entelechy with the belief that leadership development can change the world,” said Terence Traut, CEO, Entelechy. “Over the years, Entelechy’s strong community of staff, expert leadership facilitators, and client partners have put that belief into action, positively impacting hundreds of thousands of leaders all over the world.”

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