Have you ever ended the day exhausted, thinking to yourself, “What the heck did I actually accomplish today?” Or worse, have you ever gotten to the end of the quarter or the end of a month and struggled to recollect any significant accomplishments you achieved.

Everyone has these days from time to time. If you’re like many people, however, you have more of these days than you care to think about. Entelechy’s Time Mastery for Managers and Other Leaders eGuide is for you.

This eGuide was designed to address the time management needs of a wide variety of professionals including: managers, staff, and executives. Each of these professionals differs in the way they manage their activities, their team, and themselves. However, they share many common challenges, which we address in this eGuide.

This eGuide will help you:

  • Accomplish more important things in less time.
  • Understand the role time plays in your success as a manager.
  • Establish and prioritize department, career, and personal goals and identify steps to achieving those goals.
  • Reduce or eliminate time wasters.
  • Help your department and individuals become more effective.
  • Achieve balance in your life.

The time mastery tips and techniques that are jammed into this 80+ page eGuide come from one of Entelechy’s most popular customizable training program, Time Mastery for Managers, and from our experience in developing a time management seminar for one of the country’s top time management companies!

If you are looking to master your time and your life, then Entelechy’s Time Mastery for Managers and Other Leaders eGuide is a must-have.

When times are uncertain, using time effectively and productively can motivate, inspire, and achieve higher levels of productivity and morale.


Of course, everyone knows that setting goals is the most important thing about time management; what this eGuide provides are the practical guidelines for ACHIEVING the goals!

HR Director

I reread this eGuide every few months to keep me on track!

Independent Consultant

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