Entelechy’s Practical Design and Development Tips is the eGuide for anyone designing or developing training. This 120-page guide contains a detailed overview of ADDIE – the industry-standard instructional design and development process as well as useful tips, techniques, and tools making it useful for pros and newbies alike!

The 40-page overview of ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) is an outstanding refresher for those who have had training in – or experience with – instructional design. It’s also a clear, easy-to-understand introduction for those who have no instructional design or development background. The eGuide also contains a glossary with definitions of over 250 instructional design and development terms. And we’ve recently UPDATED the eGuide by adding a whole appendix on Bloom’s Taxonomy that demystifies writing precise and meaningful objectives!

Of greatest interest to the reader is the section on Design and Development Shortcuts. This 20-page section contains over 100 tips that come from training experts – Entelechy’s own experts as well as leading industry designers and developers. The tips are practical and useful. Most importantly, you’ll find that you not only save time, but the quality of your training increases!

Here are three tips to whet your appetite:

  • Always have a resource file of graphics that you like, but don’t currently have a use for. At a later time, when you get stuck looking for “just the right” graphic you have somewhere to go to get things rolling.
  • Use a second set of eyes. Don’t try to proofread your own work – find someone else who can read it quicker and pick up on the things that you won’t because you are too close to it.
  • Get to know your tools. Word and PowerPoint are typically the tools of choice. Learn how to make tables. Learn how to use styles and section breaks. Use shortcut keys (e.g., CTRL+C = copy or SHIFT+CTRL+V = paste the format). Use search and replace for words, phrases, and even styles!

In addition to the wealth of tips and shortcuts, we’ve provided the following job aids to help you shorten your design and development cycle without sacrificing instructional quality:

  • Instructional Design Job Aid
  • Audience Profile and Context Analysis Checklist
  • Performance Analysis Flowchart
  • Needs Assessment Questions
  • Instructional Media Selection Flowchart
  • Instructional Strategies for Five Content Types
  • Training Lesson Checklist
  • A Learning Objectives Checklist

If the instructional design process is bogging you down or if the quality of your training is suffering because the shortcuts that you’re taking is short-circuiting the learning process, Entelechy’s Practical Design and Development Tips is the eGuide for you! Here’s what others have to say about the eGuide:

The tips are useful and practical. You can tell that these folks know their stuff!

Corporate instructional designer

Thanks! Most of the tips work just as well for designing and developing web-based training.

Corporate web-based training developer

The organization of this guide is outstanding! The tips and shortcuts follow the overview of the ID process. Too often, we take shortcuts without realizing what we’re cutting short and instructional integrity suffers as a result.

Training manager

The tip about cutting and pasting formats was worth the price of the guide alone! I’ve saved HOURS of development time!

Government trainer

I bought copies of the guide for my staff! Entelechy’s Practical Design and Development Tips has become our development standard. The job aids have become our department’s design and development tools.

Training department manager

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