Entelechy’s Evaluating Training is the eGuide for effective and practical training evaluation. In this 120-page guide are tips and techniques for developing, administering, and leveraging training evaluations. Using Donald Kirkpatrick’s model of training evaluation, this guide expands and illustrates Kirkpatrick’s four levels with real-world examples and discussions.

Training is about results. Determining results requires evaluation. Without evaluation in training, we’re spraying and praying (spraying our content and praying something sticks!). Without evaluation in training, we don’t know if our training was successful. Shoot, we don’t even know if it had an impact!

Entelechy’s Evaluating Training presents four levels of evaluation and how each can be used to gather and use important information about your participants, your training materials/design, and your training delivery. You’ll learn to create tests and other assessments that actually measure what you want to measure!

This eGuide is NOT a theoretical dissertation on evaluation methods. The examples are real and the tips and techniques are based on current real-world experience.

I’ve turned “smile sheets” into powerful tools to help our trainers improve their training AND for me to justify our existence to upper management.

Corporate training manager

The section on learning evaluations is mind-blowing. I didn’t realize how useful testing could be. The tips and techniques and examples offered in this eGuide are most helpful.

Corporate trainer

Entelechy’s included many full examples of training evaluations — from powerful reaction surveys to its Return On Training Investment Calculator to help determine the impact of training! You can tell that Entelechy lives and breathes this stuff!

Independent Training Designer

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