We all know that leadership development brings countless benefits to organizations. But, in the absence of industry-wide success metrics, many HR and L&D leaders grapple with how to best demonstrate the bottom-line results of their initiatives.

All too often we talk about intangible benefits like a strong corporate culture, or an upswing in employee morale that could be the result of any number of factors. Or, we cite program stats like the total number of program participants, or classroom/online training hours logged that sound impressive, but don't truly ladder-back to the bottom line.

ROI has long been at the core of what we do at Entelechy. Our customized training programs consistently drive real, tangible, measurable, impactful, and lasting ROI for our clients.

That's why we were invited to host the "Justifying Leadership Development" roundtable at the Marcus Evans Corporate Learning & Talent Development Summit. The discussion drew on our 25 years of experience, as well as input from HR and L&D leaders like you.

The output of that conversation is Entelechy's "Measuring the Impact of Leadership Development" reference guide with 13 business-oriented categories to include in your leadership development measurement plan, along with specific metrics to track for each bucket.

We hope you find value in our crowd-sourced collection of measurement best practices. Print it, bookmark it, share it with your peers. 

Above all, begin measuring the impact of leadership development on your organization today.

ROI Calculator

Ready to measure the value of your current leadership development program? Or, do you need to demonstrate the benefits a future program can bring to your organization to gain executive buy-in? Leverage Entelechy's Return on Training Investment Calculator to help quantify all of the ways training adds value to your organization's bottom line. Our easy-to-use calculator helps you uncover often overlooked benefits and assigns dollar amounts along the way, showing you the total return on training investment.
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